Emerson’s AVENTICS NCT system handles delicate surfaces and hard to grip materials.

Vacuum Technologies

Emerson’s innovative vacuum technologies and solutions work for the most delicate and demanding handling tasks.

Vacuum and non-contact handling for most applications

Few automated processes require as much power, sensitivity and versatility as vacuum-powered handling. Variations in applied force, workpiece material and shape require many configurations and adaptations.

Emerson engineering is up to the task. Our ejectors, grippers and non-contact options can work with the most delicate and difficult materials. Valves, accessories and overall adaptable design ensure that we can find a solution that works with your unique application.

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Pneumatics in the Food & Beverage Industry

With AVENTICS Vacuum Technology, Emerson offers non-contact transport systems for the handling of delicate applications for example in the food and beverage industry.

Illustration of automated vacuum gripper filling trays in food production application.

Handling that Leaves No Trace on Delicate Products

Non-contact transport (NCT) in polyether ether ketone (PEEK) allows direct contact with fragile food products and decreases application cycle times.

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