Piping and emergency solenoid valve in outdoor industrial application

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The world’s largest selection of solenoid valves, designed for the most challenging fluid control applications

What is a Solenoid Valve?

A solenoid valve is a type of valve that is controlled by an electric current. A coil of wire, also called an electromagnet, is energized to create a magnetic field that moves a plunger. This movement opens or closes the valve, allowing or shutting off the flow of liquids or gases through it.  

Whether your application requires directional control, proportional or miniature valve technology, Emerson provides the industry standard for reliability, adaptability, and energy efficiency.

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Our electronically advanced solenoid valves work better, longer and in more hazardous environments.

Restaurant kitchen assembly with steamers and ovens in steel

Flawless Performance with a Side of Safety Compliance

A cooking equipment manufacturer struggled with poor performance and regulatory issues due to poor solenoid valve performance. Learn about Emerson’s solution here.

Case Study
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