IGS Seed Center

Packets will contain 5 to 10 seeds, depending on the amount of seed on hand.  In the case of seed of low numbers or rare seed, less will be sent. Cost is $1.00 per packet, plus postage. Seeds are sent in padded envelopes to prevent their being crushed in transit by the P.O. sorting machines. Domestic postage is $2.00 for the first twenty packets, add another $1.00 for larger numbers of packets. Foreign postage is $3.00 for the first 15 packets, add $1.00 for the next 10.


All seed are collected and donated to the IGS seed bank by enthusiastic hobbyists like you.The supply on hand depends on how much, and how many varieties, of seeds are donated each year. Some of the species are in an open garden setting so might produce accidental bee cross pollinated seed. As many of our species seed as possible is collected from a controlled area, but we cannot guarantee that all will be true to name. Please contribute seed to our bank if you have any to share.

  • Pelargonium species seed:
    P. alchemilloides, P. alternans, P. appendiculatum, P. australe, P. carnosum, P. citronellum, P. cordifolium, P. crassipes, P. crithmifolium, P. denticulatum, P. echinatum...assorted color blooms, P. elongatum, P. extipulatum, P. fruticosum, P. fulgidum, P. glutinosum, P. graveolens, P. grossularioides, P. hirtum, P. hirtum..pink flowered form, P. hispudum, P. inquinans, P. klinghardtense, P. magentum, P. odoratissimum, P. quercifolium, P. quinquelobatum...grey flowers, P. quinquelobatum...yellow flowers, P. ranunculophyllum, P. rapaceum, P. trifidum...cream flowers, P. trifidum...white flowers, P. triste, P. tetragonum, P. tongaense, P. viscossissimum.
  • Pelargonium Hybrid Seed (common garden zonal "geraniums") :
    Zonals ... 'Maverick Coral', 'Hot Pink Orbit', 'Orange Appeal'
    Mixed,assorted seed packets of Zonals, Regals and Angels.
  • Scented Leaf:
    Apple,( P. odoratimssimum), Coconut, (P. grossularioides)  Lemon, (P. citronellum) Lime, Rose.
  • Geranium seed (true, hardy geraniums, not the zonals):
    G. cataractarum, G. pyrenaicum, G. sibericum
  • Erodium Seed:
    E. crinitum, E gruinum
  • Monsonia seed:
    M. emarginatum



Seed Order Information

Seed often sells out quickly! Please list substitutes. Often a seed you might have selected may be already sold out by the time your order arrives.

When ordering, please CLEARLY type or print your name, address, city, state and zip code. If you wish to add your e-mail address you will be notified when the seeds are shipped to you. Make all checks or money orders payable to IGS

Send all orders for seeds and seed donations to:

IGS Seed
P.O. Box 383,
St. Peters, PA 19470

To pay by Visa or MasterCard, total your selections, add $2.00 for transaction fee and click here to pay via PayPal