Manufacturing equipment with pressure controls in pharmaceutical application

Precision Pressure Regulators & Valves

Maintain the critical control of gases and liquids with Emerson’s precision pressure regulators, valves and precision dispensing solutions 

High Precision Fluid and Pressure Control for Critical Applications

Reliable, consistent high precision control of pressure and flow is essential to the effectiveness and safety of many critical applications. Customers in energy production, aerospace, semiconductor fabrication, chemical engineering, manufacturing and product testing rely on Emerson’s high precision pressure control products, like precision pressure regulators and high-pressure valves, to keep their applications safe and efficient. We also provide industry expertise along with the essential, rigorously tested products and highly customizable solutions.

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Precision Regulator & High-Pressure Valve Products

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The 44-6800 Series Vaporizing Regulator offers superior heat transfer technology that ensures the delivery of single-phase vapor samples required for accurate analytical results. It features certified separability of the regulator body from the electronic enclosure for greater installation flexibility. The 44-6800 Series is ideal for gas processing, refining, and petrochemical sample conditioning systems for online gas chromatographs.

Fueling equipment and car at a refueling station

Delivering the Right CNG Pressure at the Right Time

A compressed natural gas fueling station manufacturer struggled with unreliable back pressure regulators until TESCOM products stabilized operations

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