Plantweb Helps You See, Decide, Act and Optimize

Effective digital transformation is about results, and Plantweb can help you get them. Plantweb’s portfolio of proven, industry-based solutions is designed to drive real performance improvement in the areas of production, reliability, safety and sustainability. Whatever challenge you’re tackling, Plantweb has you covered with solutions that easily integrate into your operations and quickly deliver ROI so you can navigate your digital transformation journey with confidence, ease and speed.

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Data is the DNA of Digital Transformation

Providing the ability to SEE, sensing and measurement technologies create high integrity data to drive all decisions. This portfolio helps customers eliminate blind spots in locations and applications previously out of reach, including modern edge computing that enables faster local response. Key capabilities include: Leak and corrosion detection, tank, safety and equipment monitoring, personnel awareness, process measurements including liquid and gas analysis

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Unifying Manufacturing Data at Scale to Accelerate Digital Transformation

Agile, Responsive Control and Analysis

Providing the ability to DECIDE, agility is achieved through intuitive analytics and improved visibility. Advanced software drives better decisions through on-demand access to expertise, while automated workflows empower personnel to focus on high value activities and automating low value tasks. Software includes: distributed, batch and advanced control, SCADA and PLCs, safety systems, asset and alarm management, remote monitoring, AI, machine learning and digital twins

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Final Control Elements

Act & Control

Providing the confidence to ACT, operational integrity is delivered through the ability to isolate, regulate and contain raw materials to finished goods, protecting people, equipment and the environment.  Responsive, precision control helps maximize performance and optimize production, made possible by the most complete portfolios to serve any duty, any application. Technology capabilities include: digital valve control, process isolation, pressure regulation, discrete, motion, fluid and drive control and air handling.

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Optimize Plant & Enterprise

Providing the ability to OPTIMIZE across the entire asset lifecycle, this modular, AI-based software portfolio provides performance engineering tools to design and build world class facilities.  Manufacturing and supply chain tools maximize operational performance, while asset performance management tools extract the greatest ROI from equipment and facilities. Industrial software capabilities include:  capital estimation, facility modeling, economic analysis, reservoir modeling, planning and scheduling, process and dynamic simulation, process knowledge management, supply chain management, process and energy analytics, management execution, electricity grid management, operations and asset performance management and digital twin. 

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