Plant sources


 Plant Sources

There are nurseries that sell pelargoniums ("geraniums"), but there are few that do mail orders.  Scented leaf "geraniums" are easier to find on line than fancy leaf, unusual, et al. 

Three sources that will ship plants to those living in the U.S. are This is a new England nursery , their list includes dwarf "geraniums", zonals, scented leaf and some misc. ones. A nursery located in California, just above San Francisco.  They specialize in and stock a large selection of hardy  (true) geraniums, erodiums,  species pelargoniums, scented leaf and  Angels.  They do not grow the common zonal "geraniums" including the dwarf and fancy leaf of this type. Located in Oregon, this nursery specializes in herbs plus has a selection of scented leaf "geraniums".  They have a number of fancy leaf zonals as well as a growing collection of dwarf and unusual flowered "geraniums" such as carnation flowered, stellars, rosebud flowered, etc.

Many herb nurseries carry some scented leaf "geraniums" as well, but not the other types.

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