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Bring your operations into the era of industrial automation

With the speed of industrial change today, your operations need a flexible, scalable and affordable approach to modernization. Emerson’s PACSystems™ adds a new dimension to the industrial control and automation landscape, allowing production optimization and monitoring capabilities in the widest range of process and discrete industrial environments. No matter how fast your operation is growing, PACSystems brings control intelligence with a real-world approach closer to the industrial edge.

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PACSystems RX3i

Industrial Controllers

PACSystems controllers provide an extensive range of industrial controllers to meet your application requirements and are interoperable with most industry standards.

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Advantages Offered by PACSystems

PACSystems will change the way you do business. It’s affordable, integrated and designed for efficiency to help you improve management, safety and reduce costs in your manufacturing processes. The hardware and software built on a modern architecture ensures both innovation and long-term availability.

Emerson’s PACSystems solutions are designed to identify and predict impending failures and proactively correct the underlying causes before an unplanned downtime occurs. Also, PACSystems form a line of defense against malicious software threats before they reach your control system and cause damage.

What is more, PACSystems offers endless data acquisition and analytic capabilities, which can also be customized using open tools and pluggable software services, allowing you to optimize results, minimize downtime and handle market changes with flawless agility.

Programmable Automation Controllers offer additional access, distribution control and security management functions. Unlike traditional solutions, PACs lack rigid memory structures and do not require human intervention.

What is the Difference between PACs and PLCs?

Programmable logic controllers (PLCs) and programmable automation controllers (PACs) both provide control for automated, computerized systems.

Due to the evolution of technology, the difference between the two types of controllers has diminished. However, there is still a difference in terms of components, utility and functionality. PLCs work well in small-scale automation tasks (lighting, temperature control), whereas PACs are targeted towards a variety of complex and larger scale automation tasks (advanced process control, motion control, drive control, data reports, presentation and vision applications).

Today, PLCs and PACs are connected through IoT to ensure real-time access and transmission of data. With the integration of devices connected through IoT, the manufacturing process and the communication systems are even more streamlined and offers better network connectivity.

PACs are highly cost effective and improve the overall ROI. Contact us for more information on our products.

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