Plastic Welding

Infrared Plastic Welding

Particle-free joints with a high mechanical load capacity. Ideal for sensors, electronic enclosures and medical products.

Scalable Solutions for Clean 3D Moldings

Branson’s infrared plastic welding systems offer clean-joining of similar and dissimilar materials, ideal for delicate parts. A highly precise process and 3D control provides aesthetically pleasing welds into complex product designs. 

With Laser Plastic Welding and Plastic Vibration Welding, Emerson has the broadest portfolio of joining technologies and provides unsurpassed technical support.

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How It Works

Infrared Welding

Infrared welding utilizes intense infrared beams to quickly heat plastics immediately before joining. Emerson’s Branson technologies produce the clean, clear welds, advanced 3D molding capability, superior aesthetics and energy- efficient production that today’s manufacturers demand

The Process

During infrared welding, both part halves are held rigidly in position near an infrared emitting platen.

The platen then emits powerful infrared light into both parts along the determined joint path, usually a circle or line. The platen is quickly removed, and the part halves are immediately driven together and allowed to re-solidify under pressure


Infrared welding is frequently chosen for applications with complex and irregular shapes.  Infrared is a useful joining technology in applications requiring strong hermetic seals or when flash and particulate need to be reduced.  Infrared welding allows for clear-to-clear joining without the use of additives.


Branson Custom Tooling

Custom Tooling You Can Count On

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