Hydro Governors

Hydro Governors

Dependable legacy governor support, and the most advanced digital governors based on 600 years of collective expertise.

Dependable Support for All Types & Vintages of Hydro Governor Systems

Maintain reliable system operation with Emerson experts who are experienced supporting all types and vintages of hydro governors. We proudly service over 1,250 hydro plants worldwide providing spare parts such as pins, levers, bushings, and analog control modules as well as PMG and SSG overhauls and governor oil pump repairs.

We also deliver customer-driven digital solutions using advanced governor algorithms, platform-independent controls, hydraulic power units, SSGs, servomotors and more.

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Emerson Hydro Governor Systems

Hydro Governor Solutions

Mechanical governors have longer mean-time-between-failure than digital controllers. Keep your legacy units operating like new, providing precise frequency control, with support from Emerson’s trusted experts for tuning, calibrating, or overhauling your governor system.

Our knowledgeable team provides field service and training for every governor make and model. We maintain an extensive inventory of hard-to-find new and refurbished parts to get your unit quickly back online and operating reliably.

With hydro plant staffing in constant flux, governor training is more important than ever, especially for legacy systems.

We offer a variety of training options to meet your needs, including on-site, factory, or virtual classes.

Unlike textbook-only classes we offer hands-on sessions with real, operating equipment, including complete working examples of governors and pumps as well as many unique and instructive cutaway assemblies.

To extend the useful life of your legacy governor, Emerson offers a complete suite of engineered products, governor retrofit kits and partial upgrade kits including:

  • Solenoid-Operated Unloader Kits
  • Selsyn Replacement Kits
  • Blade Control “3D Cam” Replacement Kits
  • Independent Overspeed Kits
  • Digital Interface Kits
  • Actuator-to-Proportional Valve Retrofits
  • Kidney Loop Oil Filtration Systems
  • Dashpot Bypass Conversion Kits
  • Ballhead Drive Simulator

Emerson’s comprehensive, flexible digital conversions are engineered using your selected digital controller platform, programmed with our proven algorithms & built-in safeguards and configured with redundant speed and position sensing devices. Our experts work with your staff to provide the best solution for your project-specific needs.

Commissioning and testing is performed by our hydro governor specialists. Systems are delivered with comprehensive O&M manuals and training for your personnel.

Sometimes maintaining an existing OEM governor is no longer an option due to relicensing requirements, market-driven enhancements or resource limitations. Emerson’s experts work with your staff to provide the best solution to your problem, which can include new digital governor systems.

Our custom-engineered systems are built around industry-standard control systems and PLCs, and include hydraulic technology, proven algorithms, and project-specific requirements.

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