Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

We cultivate an environment based on trust and support.

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Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Vision Statement

At Emerson, we are committed to fostering a culture where we ensure every employee is valued and respected for their experiences and perspectives. We believe a diverse, equitable and inclusive work environment contributes to the rich exchange of ideas that inspire innovation and bring the best solutions to our customers. This philosophy is fundamental to living our company’s values and our responsibility to leave the world in a better place, especially in recognition of the adverse impact and historical legacy that needs to be addressed globally.

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Emerson’s Response to Racial Inequity 

Emerson condemns racism and discrimination in all of its forms. As a global organization, we’ve seen firsthand the energy and innovation that comes from encouraging and honoring diverse perspectives and backgrounds. Having an inclusive workforce that reflects the world and industries we serve is critical to living our value of Support Our People.

We are committed to advancing the communities where we live and work, and to helping remove barriers so that more of our neighbors can succeed. Emerson has a long history of investing resources to help address inequities and create opportunity, and our dedication to inclusion is stronger than ever.

Emerson’s leadership team is working in close partnership with our Black Employee Alliance Employee Resource Group, as well as industry groups such as the National Association of Manufacturers, to identify ways we can be part of the solution to this important issue.

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Emerson Employee Resource Groups

Learn More About Our Employee Resource Groups

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Asian & Pacific Islander Alliance

Asian & Pacific Islander Alliance supports our Asian and Pacific Islander employees and their workplace allies in their personal and professional growth. The recently launched group provides a platform to amplify voices, spotlight contributions and foster relationships.

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Crystal Rumph, Advisory Council for the Black Employee Alliance

Black Employee Alliance

The Black Employee Alliance drives strategic recruiting, retention and advancement initiatives in support of corporate objectives and support of our Black employees. In 2020 alone, the group added more than 100 new members and held more than a dozen recruiting events and scholarship programs.

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Diverse Abilities

Diverse Abilities

Diverse Abilities celebrates the diversity and differences within the Emerson community, through encouraging social awareness of perceived impairments and/or disabilities and highlighting the effect of discrimination and social exclusion on individuals. The group promotes mutual understanding and moves beyond simple tolerance to embrace, celebrate, and utilise the rich dimensions of diversity contained within Emerson.

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LGBTQ + Allies

LGBTQ + Allies empowers our employees in the LGBTQ+ community and their workplace allies to foster a diverse and inclusive company culture. The group recently expanded its membership and chapter locations throughout the Latin America region and launched a global training program to educate employees on allyship.

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Manirajan Manivannan, member of the Mosaic employee resource group at Emerson


Our vision is to foster a community passionate about different cultures, one that can connect on shared ideals, promote cultural diversity, and create an inclusive work environment for people working away from their home country.

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Somos focuses on support and engagement initiatives on behalf of our Hispanic and Latin American employees. The group provides a platform for Latin American and Hispanic leaders to share their experiences and career development advice with group members. 

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Veterans raises awareness of the value U.S. military veterans bring to our organization. With eight official chapters and more than 250 members, the group helps equip service members across the nation transition into civilian life by providing professional and hands-on experiences.

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Melissa Stiegler, member of the Women's Impact Network at Emerson

Women's Impact Network

The Women's Impact Network provides support and networking opportunities for female employees in 85+ chapters globally. The 5,000-member group has worked to increase the number of women in leadership positions, host regular webinars and attract a new generation of women in STEM through partnerships with the Society of Women Engineers and several universities. 

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Breaking New Ground: A Conversation with Emerson’s Board Member Bill Easter

Enjoy this fascinating conversation between Bill Easter, Emerson Board Member, and Mike Train, Emerson Chief Sustainability Officer, on the value of inclusive leadership as they explore Bill’s career journey, spanning from his early upbringing through his newest position with Emerson. Bill Easter will discuss the role of the Board of Directors, including a look into the Board’s continuing commitment to Diversity and Inclusion at Emerson.

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