Gas boiler and gas engine with piping and valve control apparatus

Combustion Products

Valves and controllers for high-flow applications where safety comes first, and reliability is the gold standard.

Performance and Safety You Can Depend on Anywhere.

Emerson delivers combustion products for hazardous applications with rock-solid reliability. Boilers, furnaces, kilns, incinerators and ovens need high-flow capability, and often energy efficiency and global regulatory compliance. Customers depend on high-quality gas and fuel solenoid and motorized valves for consistent, safe function, often in limited spaces. Our combustion products simplify the solution and meet regulations and standards.

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Oil processing plant in remote desert location

Low Energy Demands Doesn’t Impact Solenoid Reliability

An oil field supplier wanted to power its wellhead shutoff systems with solar energy. Required: a valve providing unmatched reliability at low-power operation.

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