close up of Emerson’s ASCO Series 290 Angle Seat Valves

Angle Seat Pinch Valves

Control the flow of various media in many demanding and sterilized industry applications with diaphragm, angle seat, and pinch valve technology. 

Superior Flow Control for Challenging Requirements

Emerson provides a wide suite of diaphragm, angle seat and pinch valves that can handle the toughest applications and the most demanding aseptic tasks. Our pneumatic pinch and aseptic diaphragm valves work with large and small batches of medical and chemical products, while angle seat and motorized valves play critical roles in high-flow automotive, food processing and wastewater management applications. Leakage-resistant design maintains products through many cycles to control operations costs.

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Modern water filtration unit with multiple tanks and valve system

High-Water Mark in Differential Pressure Detection

Read how Emerson built a solution for a water filtration application with a valve system rugged enough to handle impurity build-up in a compact space

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